Ironing Services

Ironing Services Hemel HempsteadIroning is one of the most annoyed and boring domestic chores and we are sure that you will gladly delegate it to us. We are professional contractors and we provide affordable ironing services of top notch quality.

We work with qualified and experienced house maids to whom we have provide the finest ironing equipment on the market. With the aid of our instruments we are able to quickly and efficient iron large quantities of clothes. We can effectively iron all types of clothing materials such as:

  • Fabric (wool, silk, cotton, flax and ramie)
  • Fur
  • Leather
  • Denim

We can also properly iron apparels made from specialised materials such as:

  • Spandex
  • Flannel
  • Rayon
  • Tyvek
  • Recycled paper
  • Nylon
  • Polyester

Hemel Hempstead Ironing ServicesOur Hemel Hempstead ironing services are fully insured. We have covered our ironing options with an insurance policy because we want our customers to have the peace of mind that they will get reimbursed in the case of an unwanted event. However, please take into account that to date we have never activate our insurance, as we always work with extreme diligence and turn extra attention to all the clothing labels in order to prevent accidents such as burns, tears, fumed spots and so. To our knowledge Cleaners Hemel Hempstead is the only company in the area with a 0% accident ratio. So, rest assured that your clothes are in safe hands with us.

We also have large industrial ironing machines which allow us to iron several sets of clothes simultaneously. It is also because of our high end equipment that we are able to provide commercial ironing services in Hemel Hempstead. So, if you are a business owner and your personnel is obligated to wear a profession uniform, give us a call as we can aid you maintain it in perfect condition. We can also iron vast amounts of sheets, pillow covers, tablecloths and etc, so call us if you run a hotel, hostel, restaurant or pub.

Don’t worry about your budget, as we work with affordable services fees which can easily suit any financial plan. After all it is not a coincidence that we are the contractors with the finest price/quality ratio in Hemel Hempstead. You can see that our prices are indeed cost effective but either calling us or sending us an e-mail in which you are request your personalised free quote.

Our schedule is flexible which means that you have the ability to accept last minute bookings and to conduct late night operation. This also makes booking us a pretty simple and straightforward task. So, if you have decided to work with us and benefit from our Hemel Hempstead ironing services, give us a call and tell us when and where you want us to send our maids and we will take care of the rest.

Please explore the remainder of our company website, so that you can learn more about us, our policies and the immense selection of services that we provide. You will also be also to get a deeper understand of our methods of work and client attitude. We also offer babysitting services.